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Manage XVD/XVC mounting in Host from SystemOS.

Xcrdutil can be used to get info about XVD files as well as mount and create XVD files with some limitations. Via the UWP sandbox, two different XVD files can be mounted, "Updater.xvd" and "SystemTools.xvd".

The tool is located at C:\Windows\System32\xcrdutil.exe

Accepted paths

XCRDutil allows specifying remote paths (in HostOS) via two notations: - XCRD paths (see below, e.g. [XUC:]\package.xvd for User Content partition in HostOS) - Global paths (e.g. \??\F:\ for F: / XBFS drive in HostOS)

XCRD paths

XCRD Id XCRD Path Description
0 [XTE:] HDD Temp
1 [XUC:] HDD User Content
2 [XSS:] HDD System Support
3 [XSU:] HDD System Image
4 N/A N/A
5 [XFG:] HDD Future Growth
6 N/A N/A
7 [XTF:] XTF Remote storage
8 [XBL:] Xbox Live storage
9 [XOD:] XODD (System VM)
10 [XVE:] N/A
11 [XT0:] USB Transfer Storage
12 [XT1:] USB Transfer Storage
13 [XT2:] USB Transfer Storage
14 [XT3:] USB Transfer Storage
15 [XT4:] USB Transfer Storage
16 [XT5:] USB Transfer Storage
17 [XT6:] USB Transfer Storage
18 [XT7:] USB Transfer Storage
19 [XE0:] USB External Storage
20 [XE1:] USB External Storage
21 [XE2:] USB External Storage
22 [XE3:] USB External Storage
23 [XE4:] USB External Storage
24 [XE5:] USB External Storage
25 [XE6:] USB External Storage
26 [XE7:] USB External Storage
27 [XBX:] XBOX (Copy-Over-LAN)
28 [XSR:] SRA (local or SMB)
29 N/A N/A
30 [XAS:] N/A
31 [XRT:] N/A
32 [XRU:] N/A
33 [XRS:] N/A
34 [XRI:] N/A


Mount package

xcrdutil -m [XUC:]\targetPackage.xvd

Outputs something like:

Successfully mounted [XUC:]\targetPackage.xvd
Device Path : \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\Harddisk21\Partition1
Command completed successfully.

Mounted XVD's can be accessed with junctions:

mklink /j D:\Folder \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\Harddisk17\Partition1\

Query Info for given XVD:

xcrdutil -QueryInfo \??\F:\host.xvd 5

Write file to Host layer

xcrdutil -write_blob [XUC:]\targetPackage.xvd D:\DevelopmentFiles\localPackage.xvd

Read file from Host layer

xcrdutil -read_blob [XUC:]\targetPackage.xvd D:\DevelopmentFiles\localPackage.xvd

Delete file on Host layer

xcrdutil -delete_blob [XUC:]\targetPackage.xvd