Setup dev mode



Before you get started you will need to convert your console into Developer Mode. Microsoft have an existing page that will show you how to get started:

It may be worth navigating through their documentation and getting a grasp on the basis of the environment:

Visual Studio Setup

In order for you to build Win32 applications and libraries you will need to install certain libraries available through the Visual Studio Installer:

Visual studio setup

Using SSH

After your console is activated you will be able to connect over via PuTTy (or another SSH client of your choice).

  • Enter the console IP address and Connect
  • Use the following to login:
    • Username: DevToolsUser
    • For the password you are able to use either
      • pin that is displayed on the "Show Visual Studio Pin" in Dev Home.
    • or
      • password used for smb access
  • Success!

Accessing Console File System

Open up the File Explorer on your Windows machine and enter the following into your path bar:

\\<Xbox One IP or Hostname>

It will prompt you for login details. We can use the Xbox Device Portal for this:

  • Open up your web browser and enter: https://<Xbox One IP or Hostname>:11443
  • Go to File explorer
  • On the right hand side; you will see "Browse"
  • Select it and use the login details provided